Board of Directors

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Board members are elected for a term of not more than two years and may be elected by membership for an indefinite number of terms. They represent various regions around Canada and internationally, in order to ensure that WEICan strategy development benefits from a powerful combination of national oversight and international expertise.

Richard Hassard, Chair & President, Governance Officer
David Anderson, Secretary/Treasurer
William Andrew  
Paul Ivanoff 
Dr. Amy Hsiao 
Phil McKay
Robert Brandon
Enrique Riveroll
Karin Hinzer


Human Resources: Richard Hassard  (Chair), David Anderson

Enterprise Risk Management: Paul Ivanoff (Chair), David Anderson, Phil McKay
Audit: William Andrew, Enrique Riveroll, Richard Hassard 
Research: Robert Brandon (Chair), Dr. Amy Hsiao, Dr, Karin Hinzer

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada advances the development of wind energy across Canada through research, testing, innovation and collaboration.