Climate Meteorological Station

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Displayed below is data from our climate met tower. 

Data Preview

Data Features

Wind Speedm/s86000RM Young 2D Ultrasonic Anemometer WIND_SPEED
Wind Direction°
86000RM Young 2D Ultrasonic Anemometer
TemperatureHMP155A Temperature and Relative Humidity ProbeTEMPERATURE
Surface IrradianceW/m2CMP10 Pyranometer SURF_IRRADIANCE
Reflected IrradianceW/m2CMP10 Pyranometer REFL_IRRADIANCE
RainmmTE525-Series Tipping Bucket Rain GagesRAIN
Relative Humidity%HMP155A Temperature and Relative Humidity ProbeREL_HUMIDITY
Air PressurekPaCS106 Barometric Pressure SensorAIR_PRESSURE

Download Data

Daily data for the data features listed above is compiled into csv monthly files.

Monthly Data:

February 2023   January 2023   December 2022   November 2022   October 2022   September 2022    August 2022    July 2022    June 2022    May 2022    April 2022    March 2022    February 2022    January 2022    December 2021    November 2021   

Data for more frequent time intervals can be requested by contacting us  .

Data Quality and Disclaimer

Data Quality

This web page provides data from instruments at the Wind Energy Institute of Canada’s Climate Meteorological Station. Described below are the processing steps that were used to make the data files presented in the Download Data section. 

The data have been processed to represent mean, maximum and minimum daily values of the data coming directly from the instruments specified in the table shown in the Data Features section. They have been rounded to present values that do not give a higher precision than the uncertainty of the instruments. Precipitation values are the cumulative sum of the precipitation throughout the day, i.e. the daily total precipitation values are presented. Irradiance data are the average hourly raw data and each hourly value is summed to get the total daily values in kWh/m^2. Monthly csv data sheets are provided containing the daily values in the Download Data section. 

Most of the data is representative of current conditions; however, the instruments have their limitations and may produce erroneous data on occasion. Please contact us for any questions regarding data quality control and to request more data. 

Additional data from other instruments at the Climate Station are available as well upon request. Instruments available but not shown include:

  • ClimaVUE 50 Compact Digital Weather Sensor
  • SR50A-Series Sonic Ranging Sensors
  • CS325DM Silicon Irradiance Reference Sensor
  • Present Weather Sensor OTT Parsivel


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