Areas of Focus

The Institute meets its mandate by focusing on three areas of strategic focus, which are fulfilled by our qualified staff, utilizing the facilities and world class wind regime on our site.

Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D)

The Institute is a leader in research, development, and demonstration projects undertaken in collaboration with private/public sector companies, research institutions, and governments, both nationally and internationally. We also act as a facilitator to bring organizations such as industry and academia together.

WEICan has formed a Research Committee composed of three board members:  Rob Brandon, Amy Hsiao, and Karin Hinzer. The Research Committee reviews the status (financially and technically), relevance, and risks of the research projects that are in place, proposed, or have been recently completed on an annual basis and compares the achieved outcomes with what was anticipated the year before.

Examples: BESS Poster, Cliff and Wakes


As a not-for-profit, the Institute is often called upon by government, public/private sector companies and academia to provide expert advice and input to policy and program development. The Institute has also acted as an expert industry representative for the Canadian government at international events. Staff regularly attend/present at conferences, industry/academic events, and government meetings (international and national). We also offer a Visiting Professor and Peer Review Program (VPPP) that allows for job shadowing at all levels of the organizations, internships, co-op placements, peer review of papers, etc. The Institute strategically supports college and university wind energy programs and engages in outreach and public education efforts to support its mission.

Examples: DFAIT, VPPP

Technical Testing & Consultation

The Institute has been performing wind turbine testing and consultation services since 1981. With over 35 small wind turbine installations at our site, our highly qualified staff can provide guidance/expertise on the development or testing of technologies. Utilizing our facilities and expertise, the Institute tests wind turbines to standards such as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and RenewableUK Small Wind Turbine Standard. 

Examples: Zephyr, Eocycle

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada advances the development of wind energy across Canada through research, testing, innovation and collaboration.