Published On: October 1, 2017

G. Giroux, J. Wang, C. Houston, M. Rodgers, S. Harper, Wind Turbine Data Analysis Using a Standard Report Format (GADS), presented at CanWEA Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, October 2017.


Canada has over 12,000 MW of wind power installed and, as wind parks transition from construction to operation and maintenance, the need for comparative statistics increases. CanWEA, along with wind turbine owners and operators throughout Canada, recognizes the need for standardized reporting to support wind industry internal benchmarking, research, and preventative maintenance. Under a CanWEA benchmarking data project, several wind farms across Canada have implemented Generating Availability Data System(GADS) reporting, which allows comparison of downtime data across the wind industry and with traditional electricity generators. The Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan) is processing the data and providing statistics to datac ontributors of the project.

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