Degree or Program: Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering

Effective Date(s): Jan 25/2021 - Jan 25/2022

Tim, a recent graduate of Carleton University’s Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering program, is working at the Wind Energy Institute of Canada on a year-long contract. He is a part of the University of Prince Edward Island’s ClimateSense internship program which aims to build climate change adaptation capacity in recent post-secondary graduates. He is doing project management for WEICan’s new climate monitoring facility, as well as hardware and software development for research projects. He is also taking professional development courses through the ClimateSense program, gaining expertise in the field of climate change adaptation.

For the rest of his work placement, Tim is excited to continue gaining experience in the field he went to school for. He also hopes to study the effects that climate change has had on the area around the North Cape using the wealth of data available at WEICan. In the future, he hopes to continue in a field where he can make a difference in the effort against climate change.