WEICan has been collaborating with NREL for many years, first in small wind testing, and, more recently, regarding our Wind R&D Park. WEICan has been providing real-world renewable energy data and operational experience to NREL groups including:
• Drivetrain Reliability
• PV Balance of Systems
• Wind as a Real Synchronous Generator

“This collaboration allows WEICan to share our insights and learn from the expertise at NREL, which is important in advancing renewable energy,” states Marianne Rodgers, WEICan’s Scientific Director.

The collaboration between WEICan and NREL has resulted in two peer-reviewed publications:

E. Latiffianti, Y. Ding, S. Sheng, L. Williams, M. Morsheidzadeh, M. Rodgers, Analysis of leading edge protection application on wind turbine performance through energy and power decomposition approaches, Wind Energy, 1-19, 2022.

Effi Latiffianti, Shawn Sheng, Marianne Rodgers, Robbie Sanderson, Paige Gallant, Yu Ding, An accumulation method for early fault warning in wind turbine systems, submitted to IISE Transactions, 2023.

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