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WEICan’s Solar Array Photovoltaic Array

WEICan’s well-instrumented 109 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) array, powered by panels from Jinko Solar, features a 66%-33% split between bifacial and monofacial panels. Bifacial panels capture energy from both direct sunlight and diffuse radiation through their rear face. This unique configuration presents an exciting opportunity to explore the advantages of bifacial solar panels compared to monofacial panels, particularly in challenging maritime environments.

We anticipate significant benefits from this solar array, including a notable reduction in energy consumption at our site, particularly during low-wind summer months. Collaborating with esteemed partners in research, utilities, and government, WEICan is committed to leveraging cutting-edge methodologies and technologies to drive advancements in solar energy utilization.

Performance Analysis

Our ongoing analysis focuses on evaluating the array’s performance under diverse weather conditions, including strong winds and snow cover. To facilitate this research, high-performance power optimizers have been strategically installed, providing detailed, panel-level data on module electrical performance.

Monitoring System

A vigilant monitoring system, comprising sky, ground, and panel cameras, ensures continuous surveillance of environmental conditions and snow cover. This comprehensive approach enables us to gather valuable insights into the array’s resilience and efficiency under varying circumstances.

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