State-of-the-Art Wind Turbine Testing

WEICan’s Small Wind Test Bed

WEICan’s Small Wind Test Bed is a facility dedicated to advancing the technology and efficiency of small wind turbines. Nestled within a sprawling 35-acre property, our test bed is uniquely designed to meet the comprehensive testing needs of the wind energy sector.

Our advanced infrastructure and flexible testing capabilities make us the premier choice for manufacturers and researchers looking to push the boundaries of small wind turbine technology.

Testing Pads

Our facility boasts 14 test pads, each specifically designed for small wind turbines. These pads are equipped with individual MET masts for accurate and independent data measurement, ensuring that every test conducted is reliable and precise.

Advanced Electrical Infrastructure

To accommodate a wide range of testing requirements, our electrical infrastructure has been meticulously updated. We now support any voltage requirement up to 600 VAC at 60 Hz, making our test bed a versatile option for various testing protocols.

High-Speed Fiber Optic Network

Understanding the importance of connectivity, we’ve implemented a comprehensive fiber optic network across our facility. This ensures that high-speed internet access is available at every location, facilitating seamless data transfer and communication during testing processes.

Comprehensive Testing Capabilities

Our facility is equipped to support an array of testing standards, including the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), American Clean Power (ACPWEA), and RenewableUK Small Wind Turbine Standard. Additionally, we are fully prepared to meet the bespoke research and development needs of manufacturers, offering a broad testing environment tailored to promote innovation in wind turbine technology.

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