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Meteorological Monitoring at WEICan

WEICan’s infrastructure features state-of-the-art meteorological monitoring capabilities designed to advance renewable energy research. With two fully equipped meteorological towers, the Institute stands at the forefront of wind and solar energy technology.

Wind R&D Park Meteorological Tower

Home to an 80-meter meteorological tower compliant with IEC 61400-12-1 standards, the Wind R&D Park boasts an array of sophisticated instruments. These include cup anemometers, direction vanes, an ultrasonic wind sensor, a pyranometer, an ice detector, and sensors for temperature and humidity. Data collection is continuous, with measurements recorded every second to calculate long-term trends. This comprehensive data collection has been ongoing since 2013, providing invaluable insights for wind energy research.

PV Solar Array

The PV solar array is monitored by a 10-meter meteorological tower, meeting the IEC 61724-1 standards. It’s equipped with a wide range of sensors including cup anemometers, direction vanes, pyranometers, reference cells, and instruments to measure barometric pressure, rainfall, snow depth, humidity, air temperature, lightning activity, and more. A pyrheliometer, which is set up near the PV solar array, measures direct solar radiation. Additionally, several cameras offer views of the sky, ground, and PV panels, ensuring thorough monitoring since 2021. The array also features an OTT Lufft Parsivel 2 Present Weather Sensor, which has been tracking precipitation details and radar reflectivity since 2021, enriching the dataset with vital weather information.

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