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Climate meteorological Station

The Wind Energy Institute of Canada (WEICan) partnered with the University of Prince Edward Island Climate Research Laboratory (UPEI-CRL). Together, we’ve established a pioneering Climate Monitoring Facility right here at the WEICan site.

The station is equipped with technology to monitor atmospheric conditions, providing valuable data for scientists, researchers, policymakers, and the public including meteorological data, including temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction, precipitation, and solar radiation.

Our aim is to support climate research and contribute to the development of more accurate weather forecasting models, aiding in disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation and mitigation efforts.

Our Technologies

  • Automated Weather Station (AWS): For real-time data collection on atmospheric conditions.
  • Climate Data Archive: A robust database storing historical weather data for research and analysis.

Accessing Our Data

We are committed to promoting open science and ensuring our data is accessible to those who need it. Whether you are a researcher looking for data for your next project, a policymaker in need of accurate weather information, or simply a weather enthusiast, our data portal provides easy access to our datasets.

  • Real-Time Data: Access up-to-the-minute weather observations through our online platform.
  • Historical Data: Dive into our archives to explore historical weather patterns and trends.
  • Custom Reports: Request specific data sets or custom reports tailored to your research or project needs.

Collaborate with us

We welcome partnerships with academic institutions, NGOs, and industry to advance climate research. For more information about the WEICAN Climate Meteorological Station, accessing our data, or how you can get involved, please get in touch!

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