A screenshot of the AVEVA PI System.

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Data-Driven Innovation with AVEVA System

In 2016, the Wind Energy Institute of Canada embarked on a transformative journey towards comprehensive data integration and analysis by installing the AVEVA System. This powerful system marks a significant leap in our ability to collect, analyze, visualize, and share critical data across all facets of the Institute. From the dynamic Wind R&D Park to the precision of our meteorological towers and the efficiency of the Small Wind Test Bed, the PI System captures data at impressively high fidelity, with sampling rates as low as 10Hz.

The integration of the PI System has opened new avenues for real-time data analysis, significantly enhancing the operation and efficiency of the Wind Park. Our commitment to data-driven innovation not only enhances our operations but also contributes to the global pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. With every data point analyzed and every insight gained, we move closer to a future powered by renewable energy.

Comprehensive Data Collection

The PI System serves as the nerve center of our institute, integrating data streams from the Wind R&D Park, meteorological towers, Small Wind Test Bed, power meters, and a variety of sensors. This holistic approach to data collection ensures that every component of our renewable energy research is meticulously monitored and analyzed.

Advanced Data Analysis

With the capability to process data at sampling rates as low as 10Hz, the PI System enables us to perform advanced data analysis in real time. This immediate insight allows for the optimization of wind park operations and the swift identification of opportunities for improvement and innovation.

Enhanced Visualization and Sharing

The ability to visualize and share data across the institute fosters a collaborative environment where knowledge is freely exchanged. By making complex data accessible and understandable, the PI System supports informed decision-making at every level of our organization.

Real-Time Data Integration

The seamless integration of real-time data analysis with our operational wind turbines allows theoretical studies to be rapidly applied in a practical, real-world context. This unique capability accelerates the translation of research findings into tangible improvements in wind energy production and efficiency.

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