Powering Renewable Energy Innovation and Research

Our Facilities

WEICan features a variety of facilities, each designed to advance wind energy research and development. These facilities collectively enable our team to perform comprehensive research, testing, and validation of wind energy technologies and concepts, promoting innovation and collaboration in the field of wind energy.

Wind R&D Park

This 10 MW facility houses five DeWind D9.2 2MW wind turbines and is key for research in grid integration and asset management.

A picture of work being done to the leading edges of WEICan's turbine blade.

Climate Station

A vital facility for conducting long-term climate change observations and research, contributing significantly to global monitoring networks and understanding the impact of climate change on renewable energy production.

Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)

Incorporates a 111.5 kW/223 kWh Tesla Energy battery storage system for gathering operational data and enhancing grid reliability research.

Solar PV Array

A heavily instrumented 109 kW solar photovoltaic array consisting of bifacial and monofacial panels from Jinko Solar, utilized for understanding impact of climate and environmental conditions on PV output.

Small Wind Test Bed

Spanning 35 acres with 14 test pads for small wind turbines, each equipped with its own MET mast, supporting a variety of testing standards and R&D activities.

Meteorological Towers

Includes a comprehensive 80 m IEC compliant tower at the Wind R&D Park and a 10 m IEC compliant tower at the PV solar array for extensive data collection.

Office Site and Other Facilities

Comprises offices, laboratories, workshops, and the AWTS Guest House for accommodating visiting professionals. The site also includes the University of New Brunswick’s Renewable Energy Technology Research Facility.

A screenshot of the AVEVA PI System.


Installed in 2016, this system is used to collect, analyze, visualize, and share data from across the Institute, aiding in research and operational management.