Published On: July 17, 2022

E. Rebello, M. Rodgers, D. Stanford, M. Fischer, M. Akki, More than power from wind: Empirical data from a wind farm providing power-frequency response and automatic generation control, IEEE PES General Meeting, Denver, CO, USA, July 2022.


More electrical energy from renewable sources means that more ancillary services and grid support services are provided by them. This work examines the ability of a commercial wind turbine to provide power-frequency control and AGC(automatic generation control). Power-frequency control opposes changes in grid frequency via active power and operates on time scales of 1 –2 seconds. AGC is used by grid operators to maintain the demand-supply balance What Where via small changes in generator active power output. This work was a collaboration between a system operator, a wind turbine OEM and an independent research institute. These results are useful to other grid operators as they represent the performance of commercially available wind turbines as opposed to a simulation.

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