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WEICan provides technical consultation to entrepreneurs, companies, universities, and governments. The Institute’s team of engineers, technicians and researchers provides a wealth of knowledge. Areas where the Institute has historically been involved include:

Wind Resource Assessment

We expertly conduct wind resource assessments for communities and organizations. Our process includes:

  • Designing and installing meteorological masts
  • System monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting on wind speed, distribution, icing, and power potential
Component and Technology Innovation

Our role encompasses every phase of wind turbine and component technology:

  • Development
  • Demonstration
  • Validation
  • Testing

WEICan offers onsite demonstrations and testing.

Integration of Renewable Energy

Leveraging our Wind R&D Park, we guide the integration of renewable energy and storage solutions for:

  • Provision of ancillary grid services
  • Renewable energy time-shifting and peak power displacement

This ensures more renewable generation is integrated into the electrical grid.

Wind Turbine Testing and Certification

We conduct comprehensive testing for wind turbines leading to certification, ensuring third-party verification. Our testing covers:

  • Power performance
  • Acoustics
  • Duration
  • Safety and function
  • Power quality

Adhering to International Electrotechnical Commission standards, we collaborate with certifying bodies like Intertek, SWCC, and ClassNK. We offer testing both at our site and offsite.

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