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At the heart of WEICan lies a commitment to pioneering advancements in renewable energy through focused research, innovative development, and practical demonstration. Our state-of-the-art Wind R&D Park serves as a testing ground where theory meets reality, helping us push the boundaries of what’s possible in wind energy technology.

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Grid Integration

Increased amounts of renewable energy on the electrical power grid will be required to reach provincial and federal net zero goals. To reach net zero, grids are also becoming more electrified, as consumers are switching to electrical solutions, such as heat pumps and electric vehicles. WEICan is interested in ways to improve grid stability with increased penetration of renewable generators and changing demands from households and businesses due to grid electrification.

As the amount of non-synchronous renewable generators, such as photovoltaic and wind increases on the electric grid, they can present challenges to its operation. Generation sources such as wind and solar are variable by nature, making their generation uncertain. Moreover, these generators replace conventional power generators, which traditionally provide ancillary services. Therefore, the ability of these renewable generators, as well as batteries, to provide ancillary services is seen as increasingly critical to maintain grid stability. However, grid and system operators in many parts of the world have yet to explore and exploit the full capabilities of these technologies.

WEICan works with utilities and system operators to tackle the challenges of integrating renewable energy sources like wind and solar into the existing power grid. We focus on ensuring stability and reliability in the face of the variable nature of these energy sources, and considering the impacts of an electrified power grid and reduced amounts of fossil fuel generators on the power grid.

Asset Management and Service Life Estimation

Bankability, reliability, and long-term performance are critical issues for wind turbine investors, owners, operators, and manufacturers. As wind farms age, owners question whether to invest to maintain assets, expand operations, or discontinue investments. The criteria for making these decisions are very complex as they depend not only on uncertain future regulatory and market conditions, but also on the present physical conditions of the assets, the replacement technology, insurance policies, and local social climates. Asset management research has become even more important recently due to the high inflationary period and interest rate spikes experienced the past few years, which have created some challenges to business models and has also meant that developers are seeing risks for new projects. While all power generation assets face similar challenges, they are particularly steep for wind as the industry has not yet been through an entire life cycle. Further, the conditions of aging are very sensitive to turbine location and the highly stochastic loading environment.

WEICan is interested in how factors such as complex terrain, high capacity factors, icing and severe weather, cold climate, and delayed maintenance cycles impact service life and/or performance. WEICan’s rich quantity of data, along with our real-world experience, puts us in a unique position to lead research in this area. Data, including SCADA, meteorology, maintenance logs and reports, and condition monitoring systems are being used to enhance understanding of turbine component aging and improve wind farm operations and maintenance.

WEICan is concentrating on maximizing the lifespan and performance of wind turbines. We analyze various factors, including environmental impacts and maintenance practices, to predict and extend the service life of these vital assets.

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