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Our Networks

WEICan places a strong emphasis on collaboration and connectivity, networking across research entities, industry players, and government agencies. Guided by this principle, WEICan actively engages in networks, where the emphasis lies on effective communication, collaborative endeavors, and the pursuit of innovation. Below is an outline of the networks with which WEICan is currently affiliated:

Canadian Wind Energy Research Network

Established in 2020, the Canadian Wind Energy Research Network (CWERN) serves as a national forum for wind energy R&D tailored to Canadian stakeholders, aiming to accelerate research uptake and impact while involving industry and government in shaping research direction, with membership from universities, research organizations, industry, and government, holding annual meetings to facilitate collaboration and joint research pursuits.

Utility Forum

Active from 2016 to 2023, the Utility Forum convened the ten provincial transmission system operators in Canada to address key issues pertaining to the planning and operation of electrical power systems with significant non-synchronous generation, such as wind, solar, and battery-electric storage, engaging in tasks that showcased the challenges and capabilities of these sources through demonstrations and reviews.

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