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Discover the impactful collaborations that WEICan has undertaken to make a positive difference in the world. Our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community engagement drives us to deliver projects that leave a lasting impact. With our expertise in research, development, and innovation, plus a real-world testing platform, we’re committed to advancing cutting-edge technologies together. Here are some of our featured collaborations.

  • Putting Wind Lubricants to the test, 33 Stories High

    Developing the next generation of wind turbine lubricants requires researchers to constantly monitor equipment on the ground and up above. ExxonMobil and WEICan are collaborating to do just that.

  • Empowering Wind Energy Innovation Through a Data-Driven Partnership

    As a research institution that operates a Wind R&D Park, it is important that WEICan has a robust data management system. WEICan collects more than 8000 data points every second. In 2016, WEICan formed a partnership with AVEVA™ PI System™ (then OSIsoft LLC).

  • Providing Real-World Renewable Energy Data and Operational Experience

    WEICan has been collaborating with NREL for many years, first in small wind testing, and, more recently, regarding our Wind R&D Park. WEICan has been providing real-world renewable energy data and operational experience to NREL groups...

  • Climate Laboratory Shows Impact of Climate Change on Renewal Energy Power Production

    Evidence shows that the effects of climate change will be quite serious for Prince Edward Island. In 2021, WEICan and the University of Prince Edward Island’s Climate Research Laboratory received joint funding from Prince Edward Island’s Climate Challenge Fund to create a Climate Monitoring Facility on the WEICan site.

  • Reducing Leading-Edge Erosion in a Harsh Coastal Environment

    In 2021, WEICan entered an agreement with Polytech to install their (ELLE) everlasting leading-edge protection material on the blades of all five turbines. The ELLE™ solution consists of pre-cast sections made of robust yet soft and flexible polyurethane shells.

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