Published On: April 17, 2024

M. Alimuzzaman, M.T. Iqbal, G. Giroux, An Investigation of Power Performance of Small Grid Connected Wind Turbines under Variable Electrical Loads, International Journal of Energy Science, 2(6) 282-289 (2012)

Source: International Journal of Energy Science


In this study, the power performance of two small grid connected wind turbines has been investigated. The objective was to study the impact of load power factor on the wind turbine power curve. Two small wind turbines were tested in a number of load conditions and test data were collected for approximately two months. A set of resistors, inductors and capacitors were used as load in addition to the grid connection. One second data was collected for at least two days in each load condition. Data was analysed for active power, power factor and reactive power. Wind turbines’ power curves are plotted with load and without any load connected between the wind turbine and the grid. Results indicate that the type of load does not significantly affect the power curve of a small wind turbine. It was also observed that above 15% of rated power, the power factor of a small grid connected wind turbine was also constant.

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