Degree or Program: MSc, Physics

Effective Date(s): Aug 01/2022 - Jan 27/2023

Alexandre Khoury graduated from University of Toronto with a Master’s degree in Condensed Matter Theoretical Physics in 2021 and worked for WEICan for 6 months from August 2022 to February 2023. His duties at WEICan ranged from using AI computer vision for quantifying effects of snow coverage on a PV system to designing a website page for our climate station and automating the data display processes. He also worked on acquiring and analyzing residential solar panel data in an effort to evaluate the solar energy production on the Island. Alexandre also helped with the installation different equipment such as cameras and our pyrheliometer. He says about his experience at WEICan: “It has taught me a lot about all what is going on behind the scenes in terms of data acquisition and how energy is being produced and distributed. I have enjoyed learning from the WEICan team members and working on projects to contribute to a cleaner environment.” Alexandre hopes to continue using AI as a tool to promote energy sustainability.